That’ll Teach Me!

Ran the Dursley Dozen today. An excellent race!

However, I didn’t make a particularly good job of it. To be more accurate, it would have required me to lay off more in the run-up to come into it fresh. As it was, I had already sore muscles. I didn’t eat anything just before the race either: few carbs wouldn’t have gone amiss.

I felt the soreness and faded in the last 3 miles, and placed quite low by my standards.

On the plus side, as long as I recover properly, it’s good training! Also, a mildly disappointing run is still  great fun! Conditions were good; on the cold side and almost no wind. Underfoot wasn’t as firm as I’d hoped, but it was still pretty good for February. There’s a lot of woodland (and hills!) on the course, which is great. It’s also lovely bumping into people who I recognise from previous races and getting to know a a few more! And telling anyone who would listen about excellent development of course.

My knee’s not at all sore too – yay!

I had a poor Dursley Dozen last year and went on to run a really good Terminator (start/finish in Pewsey). I’m doing the Terminator again this year, so maybe it’ll work out well for me once more.

London’s the thing though; must keep my sights on that.


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