Fantastic Fartlek (“You at the back, stop laughing”)

After yesterday’s punishment, I consolidated my training benefit by doing a 5-mile fartlek run today in the lanes near my home.

After our tough run yesterday, Helen and I had a curry with her friend, Richard. He is an ex fell runner, now natural bodybuilder (South West Champion, I believe), and a mine of information on training and nutrition: he really knows his stuff. One of the things he told me was, “What you really need after your run today is some speed work tomorrow.” Gosh, there was me thinking of an easy recovery run.

So out I went late this afternoon, and gave my legs and lungs a hammering on a fartlek. This method is really just incorporating fast, anaerobic sections in a run, interspersed with slow, ‘recovery’ sections. It was also an opportunity to give my new, super light Merrells a proper spin, and they felt great.

The fast bits hurt every bit as much as you’d think after yesterday, but I’m sat here, a few hours later, feeling good, legs working nicely.

I’ll probably have a proper easy day tomorrow!


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