Ticking over. Loving the green tea socks!

The green tea socks have arrived and look great. I got them from Suka Sport, via Amazon. I can’t wait to try them with my Merrell racing shoes, but that won’t be until my next speed session, which should be in the next couple of days.

I did take it easy, like I suggested I would in my last post. Maybe a little too easy actually. On Monday I ran 4.5 miles with a friend from my village, Geoff, who pulled a muscle in his upper leg around new year and is just easing back into running.

I was really tired yesterday and had a 5 am start this morning to look forward to and so didn’t run at all.

I was planning on a long slow one after my relatively early finish today, but Geoff called and we did a short, slow one instead!

Got to get a bit of speed back in now (more fartlek!) Then it’s The Terminator, a race based in Pewsey, on Sunday. I had a really good one last year, so here’s hoping.

Oh and I’m past £200 now (£238). If you’ve read this, and you haven’t given, please give!



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