Mixing It Up

I’ve had a varied end to my week. Four (admittedly short) runs in two days!

I tried the frog feet (green toe socks), Merrell ‘racing shoes’ combo on a 5-mile fartlek out of the house yesterday. I worked hard, really went for the ‘dashes’ (‘sprints’ is overstating it a bit) and felt the strain! The socks and shoes felt great.

A couple of hours later I was out running with my club, the Chippenham Harriers: just an easy paced ‘social’ run.

Today I had a lovely trot around Morgan’s Hill and Cherhill, at the western end of the Wessex Downs, east of Calne. The mud was sticky, but there wasn’t too much of it, and the route included two decent climbs, the first of which ramps up to a really nasty gradient! It’s a lovely area and I took it easy and enjoyed myself.

Then finally, as the light failed, I was out again with Geoff on our usual short run.

Phew! Best rest up tomorrow, so I can make a good job of The Terminator of Sunday, which is a bit like yesterday’s ‘Wessex’ run on steroids!

I now have a Virgin Money giving page – http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/excellentlondonmarathon, as well as my Just Giving page – http://www.justgiving.com/excellentlondonmarathon – take your choice and give!


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