Spring Has Sprung

It’s been a good training week so far.

I had a day off training on Monday: there wasn’t much choice as I had a long day’s work, although a rest after the Terminator was welcome. Many of you will know that I’m a self-employed, ‘same day’ courier. I often wake up not knowing what the day will bring: on Monday I ended up driving to Merseyside via Leicester, then getting back well into the evening. My work often allows me to get a decent run in when I’d still be in the office if I had a ‘normal’ job, which makes up for those days when I can’t run.

On Tuesday I did 7 miles, with a couple of fartlek sprints thrown in.

Spring seemed to arrive yesterday, and I had late job booked, so I had a lovely, gentle 15-mile run around the lanes in the morning, which took me into some beautiful southern Cotswold countryside. The sun shone and everything was right with the world!

When I finished today, the morning’s mist had long gone and the sun shone once again. I wanted a challenge, and so opted to run 3.5 miles out to my favourite run, a 5 mile, mostly off-road, pretty hilly circuit of the environs of Castle Combe, then back home the same way after the circuit. The challenge was self imposed: I attacked all the hills until my calves burned and my lungs ached, and even diverted over a couple of unnecessary ones! I was pushing myself, but still enjoyed those glorious Cotswold vistas

I’m out in the van first thing tomorrow, and Fridays are often busy, so who knows what the day will bring and whether I’ll get a run in! I’ll make sure I’ve got some running gear and a selection of maps in the van, so, wherever I am, I can take advantage if the opportunity arises and it looks like my work’s finished for the day.




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  1. Ian Trussler

    JH – Courier specialising in deliveries to and from anywhere that’s scenic and hilly!

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