Recovery Run (Yeah, Right)

Actually, recovery runs are more like “training benefit maximisation” runs, as far as I can see. It makes sense: you’re going to get more growth and conditioning going on in those muscles if you stress them some more after a major training session, but if you go overboard, you’ll hurt yourself or get run down. Yesterday’s Grizzly was a major London training session for me, which just happened to be an exhilarating hoot into the bargain. Today I had time for a little recovery run around my favourite circuit around Castle Combe (see A Change is as Good).

It was another lovely day, and I was out right at the end of it, so it went from a bit warm for the clothing I was wearing to a bit chilly in an hour! It was a privilege to be out in such glorious scenery once again: I had flashes of peach haze in my eyes as I ran past trees with the low sun behind them and I saw a lovely sunset over the trees later on.

My enjoyment was jarred a little by some pieces of very clean, recently dropped litter, which I collected as I ran. I suspect it was one party who didn’t have much respect for the beautiful, almost litter free woods they were walking through.

My calves stung and I huffed more than usual on the climbs, but that’s pretty much as I would expect after yesterday. That doesn’t matter: I’m still smiling thinking about my run a few hours on.


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