Big blow-out before the taper, part 1

Three weeks to go before the big one now, so training wisdom dictates that it’s the start of my taper. I wanted some tough, back-to-back stuff to taper down from, so today’s part 1 of that was the Llanbedr to Blaenafon.

The description from the race blog gives you an idea of what’s coming –

Start from Llanbedr Village, up over Crug Mawr, then climb up the back of the Sugar Loaf, down into Abergavenny, out to Llanfoist and then up and over the KILLER – The Blorenge. Finish in Blaenafon

It’s a category AL fell race, A is the hardest category (there are also B and C), L is ‘Long’ (there are also M and S!) It is 15 miles and has 4500 ft of climb. AL indeed.

The weather was dull and cool and the cloud was on the summit of Sugar Loaf.

I had a fantastic race. I ran most of the climb up Crug Mawr and all of Sugar Loaf. I also enjoyed the feeling of ‘flow’ on the easier sections; a real pay-off from my training.

The Blorenge really was the killer, though. The climb onto it was a big wall; long and very steep. I ran up a good way before my will broke and I walked. Blaenafon is a lot higher than Llanfoist, so the descent off the back to the finish wasn’t very steep, although it was rather rough in its upper reaches.

Me at the top of The Blorenge - check out the slope below me, which I came straight up!

I almost caught a fellow runner on the home straight, sprinting furiously for the line, but he put on a good turn of speed and came through about 1 metre ahead of me. I came 30th out of 89, in 2:50:49. For comparison, Steven Cole won in 2:04:39. About 1/3 of the way down the field is ‘right’ for me in a fell race.

I enjoyed some excellent hospitality at the Blaenafon Rugby Club after the race, crowning a glorious afternoon.

Tomorrow comes part 2, the Combe Gibbet! I’ll report back on that when it’s over: I can tell you now the first few miles will be tough, but I hope my legs will resign themselves to what’s being asked of them and I’ll loosen up after that :mrgreen:


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