Running on Sunshine

I found a couple of good pictures of me doing the Combe Gibbet on the Overton website:

I had another couple of days off running on Friday and Saturday – plenty of family stuff to do, and good fun it was too.

Today, I had a reasonably brisk 7 miles on the lanes with Tim, who is staying at our place with his wife and boys this weekend. A bit grey compared to last weekend, but who cares?



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2 responses to “Running on Sunshine

  1. I’m planning to go for a gentle 6 or 7 miler around Coombe Gibbett today, I thought it was just a quaint name – I didn’t realise there are gallows there!

  2. Not a gallows, Dashinista! Gibbeting was the practice of hanging bodies up in a prominent place after execution to act as a deterrent. In this case the unfortunates being gibbeted were George Broomham and Dorothy Newman. Nice. For the full story see

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