Like a Kid on Christmas Eve

I’ve only been out once, a brisk six miler, since I last posted. I suddenly seem to have got really busy, but seeing as how I’m supposed to be saving myself and the weather’s been recalibrated to ‘February’, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

My enjoyable, if not particularly well paid line of work (self-employed same day courier), allowed me to visit the London Marathon Expo to pick up my number in the middle of a fairly lucrative work day (2 loads going into London from near me and something going from Reading back towards home): a nice bonus.

The Expo was impressive, although I avoided looking at too many of the stalls for fear of lightening my wallet too much. I enjoyed a free coffee on a comfy chair whilst listening to a Lucozade Sport person give a good, detailed presentation on hydration and nutrition, with a little pacing advice thrown in for good measure. listening to him, I realised that I carbo load all year! he said to do it properly you need to eat carb heavy meals and ‘graze’ in between, which sounds like a typical day for me!

So now I’ve got my number and I’m too excited to sleep! Best get off to bed now, I suppose…


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