Two Minutes, Fifteen Seconds

That’s how long I missed my target in The London Marathon by. I want to do this in Kent in September, so let’s think about what I got right in London, and what I could have done better.


  • I ‘grazed’ continuously (in addition to my meals) in the 2 days leading up to the big day, including a good 600 calories on the morning of the race. The Lucozade Sport Speaker at the Expo explained that the majority of the runners they surveyed didn’t carbo load enough: big, carb-heavy meals and plenty of snacking in-between are needed.
  • I hydrated well. I needed to pee a couple of times in the hour before the start, but not too much. I sipped a Lucozade Sport drink in the starting pen, and picked up 3 water bottles on the way round, keeping hold of them and sipping ‘little and often’.
  • I had some old clothes and a disposable poncho to wear in the start area, so I could keep warm until just before the start.
  • I wore familiar clothes and shoes (OK, so I had my brand new ‘charity vest’ on).

Could do better:

  • I set off too fast: the start felt so easy and the gentle downhill of the first half and the crowds encourage quick running. Start fast, suffer later!
  • I had a really busy few days before the marathon: all stuff I couldn’t avoid, but plenty of sleep and relaxation would have served me better

Lessons learned to take forward to September…


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