It’s a Crazy Plan…

but it might work. Well, I know that the events I was going to do anyway over the summer won’t stop me getting round another marathon in September, but beyond that they’ll be great endurance training, as they’re mostly long or very long (ultras).

So, in the summer, I shall mostly be doing:

  • 11-12th May – The Ridgeway 40. Or Ridgeway 80 if you’re me.
    This is a walking event (that takes runners), 40 miles from the start/end of The Ridgeway National Trail at Overton Hill to Streatley on Thames Youth Hostel.
    The proper event starts on the morning of 12th, but for the last 2 years I have set off from the finish at around 10pm the night before and ran though the night to the start. Setting off on a long journey on foot overnight feels very intrepid and it has been quite a special experience the 2 times I have done it. It has also earned me ‘celebrity’ status, including royal treatment at the mile 29 ‘tea & cakes’ checkpoint.
  • 9th June – Welsh 1000m Peaks Race.
    Approximately 20 miles and 8000m ascent, covering all the 1000 metre summits in Snowdonia. A classic in the fell racing calendar.
  • 30th June -1st July – South Downs Way 100.
    Miles that is. I’ve run 100 miles once before, and it was the toughest thing I’ve done: I’m hoping this one will be more straightforward. I ran the 95-mile West Highland Way Race 3 weeks after my last 100, and it wasn’t too bad, so it’s not a far-fetched hope.
  •  29th July – Seaview 17.
    A lovely, scenic run along the South West  Coast Path from Countisbury to Minehead. Roughly 20 miles (the 17 is alliterative and possibly refers to the ‘as the crow flies’ distance), with plenty of climbing, especially the monster up to Selworthy Beacon.
  • 4th August – Creag Dhubh Hill Race.
    A possibility for my first few days of my main summer holiday in Scotland. 4.3 miles, 1319ft of climb – fell races are very accurately measured! It’s part of the Newtonmore Highland Games, which sounds fun.
  • 5th August – Glenshee 9 Hill Race.
    Another classic: 21 miles and 6000ft, covering 9 Munros. I really want to do this one, but will need to do the Welsh 1000s to qualify! After all, the race the day before is a bit short.
  • 19th August – Lomonds of Fife Hill Race.
    Another holiday possibility. 10.1 miles, 2493ft.

I probably won’t be able to fit any other races in before the Kent coastal Marathon on 2nd September. I’ll need to mix in a bunch a speed training with that to get my sub 3:15.



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