17 minutes, 20 seconds… Oh Dear

The Kent Coastal Marathon didn’t go at all as I would have liked today. I ran it in a time of 3:32:20. Hmmm.

I ran the first half much slower than London, 1:40ish, as I planned. The second half was supposed to go faster, but instead of gaining speed, I sped up for a while, then faded drastically. I ran out of fuel at about 20 miles. A couple of gels from a helping cyclist and a water station rectified things a bit, so I at least ran the final 2. I also had the small comfort that I was so far off 3:15 that I didn’t have to kill myself to try and do it!

My summer of hedonistic (for me) running – a couple of ultras, a trail race, some mountain running, very little speed work – really showed; more so than I feared. Maybe I just wasn’t on form.

I’m not going to whinge, though. I’ve had a great summer, and I’ve got a long weekend in Knoydart lined up next week.

I’ll have a think about a spring marathon for another 3:15 attempt in the spring. I’m in the London ballot, and there’s my club ballot if that fails.



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