Get with the Program

Having resisted the 21st century (or at least stayed in the noughties) in my running habits, I have at last entered the brave new world of GPS assisted running. I bought myself a bottom-of-the-range Garmin Forerunner 10. So no navigational capability and no heart-rate monitor, but I know exactly how far I’ve been and my speed, and it pauses automatically when I stop to tie my lace or whatever, then restarts when I get going: no more pausing my timer to stop the idle time messing up my overall time, forgetting to restart, then guessing how long the rest of the run took me!

You can see the run I did tonight if you really want to.

How very modern I am. Seriously though, it’s a huge timesaver if I want to log my running properly, which I did for the last 5×50 Challenge, and a right pain it was too: measuring what I’d ran could take nearly as long as the run itself if it was a ‘quickie’.

Note: if you do click on the Garmin link above, and wonder why it’s called the Football Field Fartlek, it’s because the loop at the end goes round a playing field with a football pitch on it.


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