I can’t Believe it’s not Buttermere

Ha ha, lame joke. Sorry, this has taken me longer to write than it should have.

After my fell race on 23rd July, I drove to Dalegarth Campsite, in the Hassness Estate on Buttermere. I went there after I finished my O’Levels in 1985, with my friends Martin and Jonny. It’s a lovely place, with pitches on 3 terraces on a slope surrounded by woodland. I have very fond memories of an idyllic week spent there.

It was almost dark when I arrived, but my Big Agnes tent doesn’t take much putting up, and it wasn’t raining, so I was soon happily ensconced.

My plan for 24th was a straightforward walk from the campsite, taking in a few of the surrounding peaks. Ennerdale is the next valley over from Buttermere, and I was intrigued to watch a feature about the ‘re-wilding’ of the area on Countryfile a few years ago, which made me want to visit it, so my walk had to include that. It was indeed a straightforward, rather enjoyable walk, so I’ll just outline the route and let my pictures do the talking.

From Hassness, I climbed Robinson, then ESE along the ridge to Dale Head, with a diversion to Hindscarth. I then dropped down to Honister Pass and followed the Coast to Coast Path over the high ground and down into Ennerdale, which is indeed a lovely place. I passed by the Black Sail Hut Youth Hostel and climbed over the Scarth Gap Pass, back to Buttermere, finishing with a shoreline walk back to the campsite.

Pictures here


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