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New year, same challenge!

Life’s been too crazy recently, so I’ve put aside this blog. However, now we’re in the new year, my thoughts have turned to doing something meaningful once more with all the stupid exercise I engage in. If you look at the title of this blog, and dig back to the earlier posts, you will see that it was focused on my efforts to raise money for Excellent, Pioneers of Sand Dams. Well, I never did run a ‘3:15’, for Excellent, or anyone else, so the game is back on. Unfinished business, and all that.

I’ve just entered the Kent Roadrunner Marathon, which takes place at the end of May. I’m unwell at present, but will start my training in earnest once I’m better. Four and a half months gives me plenty of time to get ‘up to speed’. I’ll keep posting here to update anyone who’s interested in my training.


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