What a fool

I thought I was the only fool…

Running Buffet

We have one of those toasters in our canteen at work that slides around and around so very slowly, singeing one side of your bread, leaving the other side anemically pale. To celebrate the run-up to Easter the canteen has been stocked with hot cross buns, so I sliced one in half, popped it in the toaster and cranked the dial round to ‘fast’. It sailed into the toaster, one droopy piece of bread hanging languorously from the bun. As it reached the glowing orange bar, it rested for a moment on the element. Then it burst into flames.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Setting their toaster on fire would not endear me to the canteen staff.

In flames, my hot cross bun sailed slowly onward into the belly of the toaster.

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