Since I missed my marathon time target in London 2012, this blog has morphed into a general blog about my ‘doings’. It took a lot of energy to both train and keep people informed (and I hope interested) of my progress up to VLM 2012. I had various plans to make another concerted effort to target a new event and make another big fundraising push, but personal circumstances (marriage break-up, re-establishing my life in Scotland), together with minor health issues (just ‘under the weather’, but enough to stop me training like I wanted to), conspired against them.

I’ve re-targeted my running efforts to the Kent Roadrunner Marathon for 31st May. I know I’ve mentioned this in a couple of previous posts, and said I would re-launch the fundraising, but whilst the effort has gone into the training, I’ve neglected the fundraising: no more.

Whilst I will write big blogs when there’s something big to write about and I’ve the time to do it, I will mostly post ‘little and often’, ‘just keeping my supporters up to date’ blogs, as I did before VLM 2012.

Here’s a quick précis of what I’ve been up to to train since I entered the KRR in January:
Various big mountain walking days;
The Carnethy 5 Hill Race (that’s 5 summits, actually about 6 miles)
The 55 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra (that might be worth a post);
The Clachnaben Hill Race (8.5 miles);
The Angus HaM Half Marathon (might also be worth a post)
A training weekend in Glencoe with the Lomond Hill Runners.

I have been doing quite a bit of short, sharp running in-between, although I think my basic pace is sufficient for my desired time, I just need the wheels to stay on past about 18 miles on the day!

This Saturday should see me running the Stuc a’Chroin Hill Race (13.5 miles, 5000 ft ascent), and on the following one I will run the Loch Leven Half Marathon on Saturday and the Etape Caledonia (cycling sportive) on Sunday. This will leave me with a 3 week taper, during which I will do some hill walking over the weekends and continued short, sharp stuff in-between.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Please support me.


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