Nearly Over the Hump

The training plan seems to be going well, and I’m starting my taper soon, hence the title of this blog. I say, ‘seems’ because it’s too early to know if it actually has: the 31st of May will show me for sure.

I ran my last big run on Wednesday, out from my house to Kilconquhar and back, running just shy of a marathon and climbing 490 metres! A real milestone for me was getting the run in a little under 4 hours. Because motivation to keep a good pace in a ‘practise’ marathon is lacking compared to a race one, practise times tend to be relatively slow, so I was chuffed to break the 4 hour barrier. Looking back at the previous long (c35k) training run I did in the middle of April, I saw that not only did I run a further 6 km on Wednesday, but my pace was better by about 20 seconds per kilometre.

Wednesday’s big run was nearly all on roads, but they were fairly quiet and Fife is very scenic. The run out was great because I could see the sea from not much over half-way, which approximately coincides with the high point; then the run back is equally attractive because the hills of northern Fife burst into view on the high point.

I used the private roads and tracks of the Balcarres Estate in both directions, which added some variety to the run: It looks like an area that is worth further exploration. I also used the Kinneuchar Inn in Kilconquhar as my half-way rest stop, which was enjoyable thanks to the very friendly landlord, Tom: I’d like to cycle over there one evening for a meal.

For my pre-taper finale weekend, I will run the Loch Leven Half Marathon on Saturday and cycle the Etape Caledonia on Sunday: I’ll definitely need a taper after that.

Please don’t forget why I’m blogging:


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